Bet with TAB via cell phone


HORSEPLAYERS and Soccer 6 fans can now use their cell phones to bet online with TAB.

<p>TAB, in conjunction with Smartcall Technologies, has developed a unique WAP application that allows WAP enabled cell phones to be utilised for online betting. WAP is the technology that enables the internet to be accessed via a cell phone.</p>
<p>Online wagering offers several advantages over other betting channels, notably that customers process their own bets and are thus in total charge of their transactions from start to finish.</p>
<p>Another significant advantage of online betting is that all the information customers need to assist them in deciding their bets is at their fingertips.</p>
<p>Until now the drawback with online betting has been that you need a PC or laptop, which is not always readily available.</p>
<p>The new WAP application effectively transforms your cell phone into a PC or laptop for the purposes of betting online with TAB and makes it possible to bet and access results and payouts even while you are in a meeting.</p>
<p>The first step towards activating online betting through your cell phone is to enter on your cell phone web browser. Alternatively you can simply sms tab to 31744 (cost 50c). You will receive a user-friendly sms with a link and an explanation. Simply click on the link to launch online betting on your phone. If you fail to connect, call *120*0440# and follow the instructions. Alternatively, please call 071 200 9104 during office hours for assistance. It is recommended that you save *120*0440# to your contacts for future use.</p>
<p>Existing TAB telephone betting customers must obtain an online pin number before they can utilise their accounts for online and mobile betting. &#160;Online pins can be activated using or call 0861 111 822.</p>
<p>If you do not have an existing online or phone account with TAB, you must obtain one before you can utilise the new WAP application. Get an online account at or call 0861 111 822 for a phone account.</p>
<p>David Attenborough, chief executive of Phumelela within South Africa, said: "Smartcall expertise has enabled us to produce a world-class mobile service that gives existing online customers a mobile platform from which to bet. And for telephone punters it’s an opportunity to bet online without a PC or laptop."</p>
<p>Janene Matsukis of Smartcall says mobile technology is becoming an everyday requirement in the horse racing industry. "There was an obvious gap in horse racing to naturally migrate punters to an ever growing mobile environment allowing tab account holders the convenience of placing a bet anytime anywhere."</p>

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