New Soccer 13 Xtra bet launches this Saturday


TAB is delighted to announce that it is expanding its stable of soccer bets with the introduction of Soccer 13 Xtra from this Saturday 16 April.


There will be a Soccer 13 Xtra pool every Saturday and midweek (Wednesday or Thursday depending on fixtures) and to get the bet off to a quick start TAB will add R100,000 to each of the first eight Soccer 13 Xtra pools (16 April to 11 May).

Soccer 13 Xtra is similar to the current Soccer 13. There are 13 matches in a pool, three result options for each match and four payouts – all 13 correct and then consolation dividends for any 12, 11 and 10 games correct.

The major difference between the two bets is that TAB will host Soccer 13 Xtra pools, whereas Soccer 13 is hosted by Svenska Spel in Sweden.

Initially, nine African countries will bet into Soccer 13 Xtra pools, namely the Central African Republic, Chad, DRC, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe with more countries set to participate in the near future.

For Soccer 13 Xtra on a Saturday, TAB is guaranteeing a R1-million payout or double payout if there is only one winner of the all-13 correct portion of the pool.

If the payout is R500,000 or more but less than R1 million, the payout will be increased to R1 million. And if it’s less than R500,000 TAB will double the payout.

For example if the payout is R700,000 then R300,000 will be added by TAB. And if the payout is R200,000, then TAB will double it to R400,000.

The unit price of Soccer 13 Xtra is R2, so a single-entry bet (one result option each match) will cost R2 and a permutation or multiple entry R2 per combination.

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