NHA awaits response- Kenilworth off

NHA awaits response- Kenilworth off


The National Horseracing Authority has not received any feedback from Government to date on the status of the above submission.

On reading the legislated Lockdown regulations that become effective on 1 May, under Table 1 Alert Level 4, “the transport of live animals”, clarity is being sought and it is our understanding that the movement of non-producing livestock, needs further amplification.

The Chief Executive contacted the Ministers of the Department of Trade and Industry and the Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs and was advised that the decision now resides with the Coronavirus Command Council and the Head of the Disaster Management Centre, Dr Mmaphaka Tau.

The Chief Executive has made contact with the Head of the Disaster Management Centre and is now awaiting a directive. As we are aware, the Coronavirus Command Council have received in excess of 77 000 applications and from 800 businesses, and understandably they are inundated with numerous requests.

There is no definite timeline given as yet for feedback and on that basis the carded meeting for 1 May at Kenilworth Racecourse will be abandoned. The status of other carded meetings would be advised on a 24 hours’ notice timeline, in the hope that we may get a response before the next carded meeting. The Racing Operators will advise the process going forward from an administration perspective.

Until we have a response in writing, text or even verbal, the NHA is not in a position to provide the necessary feedback to the Racing Operators to recommence Racing.

In saying the above, the NHA can assure all stakeholders that we shall continue to engage such that a favourable outcome is obtained as soon as possible.

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