RA bonus races back

RA bonus races back

The Racing Association are pleased to announce the re-introduction of bonus races for RA members in good standing.

Added Stakes Bonuses

Highveld                                            Western Cape                                  Eastern Cape

                                                                                    R15,000                                                  R15,000                                           R10, 000


The bonuses will be paid together with the winning stakes to RA Members in good standing.   Should the winner be owned in partnership, both or all parties will have to be RA Members in good standing in order to qualify for the full bonus.  Failing this, the bonus will be halved.  In the case of syndicates or companies, only the nominees of such entities need to be RA Members in order to receive the full bonus.    One would need to be a member of the Racing Association for a period of at least 7 days in order to qualify for a bonus cheque.  Applications take up to 7 days to process.

This members’ benefit will commence with three Maiden Plate races at Fairview on 17 September (1000m; 1600m F&M, 1600m).  The remainder of the bonus races will be as follows:


2 October           – Turffontein Inside                         – Maiden Plate 1450m; Maiden Plate F&M 1450m

22 October         – Fairview Turf                                 – Maiden Plate F&M 1200m; Maiden Plate 1400m;

                                                                                            Maiden Plate F&M 1600m

23 October         – Kenilworth                                      – Maiden Plate 1400m; Maiden Plate (F&M) 1400m

30 October         – Turffontein Standside                  – Maiden Plate 1160m; Maiden Plate 1600m;

                                                                                            Maiden Plate F&M 1600m


Going forward, members are reminded to consult our monthly newsletter, RA Today, to keep apprised of bonus races programmed for the remainder of the season.  

 Colour holders who wish to join the Racing Association should contact Angie Basel (011) 683-3220 or email [email protected]

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